Shure MV5 Review – Digital Condenser USB Microphone

Shure has been making beautiful and reliable microphones and today, we’re going to take a look at one of the modern-day greats. This is an absolutely stunning microphone that goes by the name of Shure MV5. 

This is perhaps the cheapest microphone in the Shure Motiv series and you can pretty much use it as a standard USB microphone with your laptop or computer. It is also compatible with iOS devices because the manufacturers do give you a lightning cable along with it. You’d also get access to a free application where you can record and edit easily.

The Shure MV5 is one of the most popular and widely used microphones because it has got great features and the sound quality is also pretty decent. The price range of this microphone is extremely reasonable and it is perhaps very much affordable at $100 because of its integrated features. 

You won’t find any trouble while using this microphone with an Android phone or Windows or any other device. It represents an impeccable quality that Shure has been giving its customers and the noise levels are also pretty well delivered. You won’t get any disturbing audible hiss and you can always increase the sound through the help of its 3 DSP presets.

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As far as the design of this device is concerned, it roughly covers around 2.5-inches and comes in both black and grey color options. You’d get a silver grill on the front and it works with cardioid pickup pattern. It comes with a 16mm condenser that picks up the audio clearly and gives you the best quality possible.

You can also connect the metal stand that comes with the package and you will get a height of around 5.5-inches however; you can only adjust its position to a certain extent and the height might be changed in that case. In simple words, you need to be as closer to the mic as possible when speaking.

The metal-stand is still pretty easy and compact in design and you won’t find any trouble carrying it around. There is a 3.5mm low latency headphone jack at the back panel of the microphone and you will also get the services of a micro USB connection for the two cables that are coming in with the device. 

These cables are pretty handy when it comes to different connectivity options with different devices. You can also select the modes with the three DSP modes and it also comes with a volume dial for headphones. Most of the customers would have liked a gain knob but that is not present here and you can use the recording app instead, for the same purpose.

Sound quality:

The Shure MV5 is a highly capable model and it is specifically made to produce a nice sound quality that is well within the reach of most of the potential buyers. The dynamic range of its sound is an attractive feature whereas the device is well equipped to handle high SPL without clipping and it will eliminate the background noise with ease. 

The overall size of the device is not so huge but the build quality and internal components are pretty strong and powerful. The signal processing is going to be done easily and you can achieve desired results with this microphone if used intelligently. 

You won’t need the services of a microphone preamp because the DSP presets of this device are going to set up the EQ and compression features automatically inside your recorded audio. This device also offers several other preset options such as acoustic and flat.

 You’d get low ration compression along with a slice of EQ in the acoustic preset and it will eventually lighten up your audio and reduce the dirt in the sound as well. For unprocessed sound and raw results, you’d have to try the ‘flat’ preset. People tend to get bored by various complicated options but those looking for a significant improvement in their audio quality will definitely appreciate this feature.

It is going to give you a frequency range of 20Hz to 20 kHz and the recording quality is at 16/24-bit, 44.1/48kHz. It works perfectly with Windows 7 and latest. Mac OSX 10.7 or higher will also work on this device and it also needs a USB 2.0 port along with 64MB RAM to function properly. You are going to need iOS 10 or higher to make it work with this device.


The most incredible feature of this device is perhaps the three DSP preset modes that are voice, instrument, and flat. They are basically two presets because there is no compression and EQ offered in the flat mode. However, the other two presets do bring a significant change in voice quality. 

The overall performance of the device is not bad either and the signal processing is also done in a pretty decent way possible. There are very few devices out there that are giving you DSP and DSP-free signals in the same product and Shure MV5 is one of them.

It is an extremely suitable device for all those customers that are looking for a decent microphone with no extra or over the top features and a decent and reasonable price. It is a pretty cool option if you are a fan of quick processing and user-friendly devices.


The features and the strong signal processing is pretty great at this price range. Overall, the Shure MV5 is a pretty great and recommended choice for all the customers that are looking for performance/dollar value. The DSP presets are also pretty useful because you might want to turn them off according to your willing.

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  • DSP modes are brilliant are addition
  • Quality audio 
  • Affordable device
  • Compatible with almost all sorts of devices 


  • DSP mode makes the voice a bit heavier 
  • It is delicate and should be used carefully 


Is the Shure sm7b worth it?

Answer: Yes, a pretty awesome device with sound quality

Is the Shure sm7b good for vocals?

Answer: It is an incredible instrument microphone according to most of the customers