Blue Raspberry Microphone Review

We have started a series of microphone reviews and in our last analytical piece, we reviewed the Blue Snowball for our audience and it has given us more confidence to review some other products from the same company because the last article received a lot of comments and messages. 

Therefore, we have decided to come up with another microphone review, and this time around, we’re going to take a look at the beautiful Blue Raspberry USB condenser microphone. 

This microphone is as delicious in its performance as its name suggests and it is not huge in size either making it a wonderful partner for both indoor and outdoor shootings. 

This is an extremely suitable option for all the home-based studio owners that are looking for a user-friendly desktop microphone.

Blue Raspberry Microphone Review

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Design & Internal features:

The Blue Raspberry microphone is a wonderful USB condenser microphone and the overall structure and body of the device is only as big as a standard smartphone. There is a stand and it folds out to be kept on a desktop stand and therefore, you are not going to suffer from vibrations or any other background noise. 

It also comes with a mini USB jack in the back and the 1/8-inch headphone adapter is also going to play an important role in plugging your cans in and therefore, it will enable you to keep monitoring the sounds that are going into the microphone from the outside. For headphone volume and microphone gain, you will have volume knobs.  

There is a 14mm electret condenser that is used for audio capturing just behind the grille and you’d also get a power LED indicator. It works with cardioid pickup pattern and it captures the sound from the front and from slightly from the right side as well. 

You are going to witness two similar knobs on both sides of the panel. The left one monitors the headphone volume level and the right one takes care of the mic gain as discussed previously.

Price & Sound Quality: 

As we have discussed before, Blue has been making microphones for decades and they have introduced almost all kinds of microphones with different price ranges and features. They had started their journey with Blue Bottle 30 years ago and their latest models such as Raspberry is also making huge strides in the entertainment industry. 

Most of the aspiring musicians, content creators, and YouTubers are using the services of this $200 USB microphone these days. We have reviewed this microphone a couple of times and we believe that the audio quality is crisp and clear. 

It is an amazing choice for close-in interviews because it has the ability to capture sound from both sides if it is placed in the middle of the subjects that are talking to each other. It will give you absolute clear and clean signals as far as the audio quality is concerned and it has been rated quite highly on various platforms.

This extremely sensitive condenser microphone is giving you audio of pretty decent quality and it eliminates the surrounding noise and background voices to a very high extent. It also comes with an internal Acoustic Diffuser that lessens the sound of the room and only focuses on the sound that is coming out of your mouth. 

We don’t have any doubts about this particular technology but still, we’d recommend you record your videos in a place full of silence in order to get effective results.

User Friendly: 

Recording videos on your computer has now become a popular practice whereas; you could imagine doing it easily a couple of years ago. The problem was addressed with the invention of plug and play microphones and this is where the Blue Raspberry also stands out. 

You are not going to need a microphone preamp for recording on your computer and its USB ability is a lot easier and cheaper. 

It is going to work on both Windows and iOS, therefore, making it everyone’s device. It is an extremely easy microphone to use as you just need to plug it into your computer and open the audio workstation. If you are done completing these simple steps, you can start your recording.


We can’t talk enough about its extremely portable nature because it is very small and it can perfectly fit into your backpack or even pockets for that matter. (We do not suggest you to put it in pockets though). 

The build quality is pretty strong and it is nice to have a strong condenser microphone finally with good rugged nature. It is the exact opposite of all those high-end premium condenser microphones that need a separate case or a bag in order to be taken around.


It is an extremely suitable choice for all the musicians and artists that are looking for a microphone with studio-level audio. It also does a perfect job when recording instruments and it is even good for vocalists and guitarists as well. 

This is an all-rounder basically you can use it perfectly and effectively for interviews, podcasts and talk shows as well. 

The genuine and strong build quality has taken its price to a bit higher range but the performance of the device is worth witnessing to be honest. We’d definitely recommend this device for all the aspiring content creators that are looking to get high-quality audio.

  • It gives you clear signals without DSP
  • You can adjust it according to your liking because the detachable desktop stand comes with the ability of angling and swiveling
  • You will get cables to work with mobile in the overall package
  • It also comes with iOS lighting cable
  • It is Portable and powerful
  • Plug and Play device
  • It comes with an Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD)
  • The overall design is not very appealing aesthetically
  • A little expensive for some potential customers

  • Ultimate mobile USB microphone for podcasting, voice-over, streaming, Skype and music
  • Patented Blue premium capsule circuitry for detailed, studio-quality sound
  • Patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) focuses vocals while minimizing room noise
  • Headphone volume control, mic level and mute for effortless live monitoring
  • Plug-and-play 24-bit/48kHz resolution with PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. iOS compatibility made for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch), iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini, iPad (4th generation), iPod touch (6th generation), iPod touch (5th generation)


Are Blue Microphones good?

Answer: They are one of the most reputed companies around the world.

Which microphone brand is the best?

Answer: There are many such as Shure SM58, Rode NT1A and Shure SM7B