Best Microphone Stands 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Before we get into the list of best microphone stands, it is important for you to understand the importance of a microphone stand. We can say that microphone stands are not considered as a very important thing when it comes to video content creation. People mostly do their jobs with a good quality camera along with a decent microphone and that’s it. 

The majority of the global population doesn’t care to bother about a microphone stand. However, high-end technical staff and professional content creators will understand the importance of having a good quality microphone stand. 

There are a plethora of devices available currently in the market and we have gathered here to discuss some of them. There a couple of things that can take you to buy a new microphone stand. A, if you are a recording artist. B, if you’re an orator.

List of  Top Best Microphone Stands 

1. On Stage MS7201B Microphone Stand

When it comes to artists that perform on a regular basis, this microphone stand from On-Stage has become a pretty good option for such people. It comes with a round base that is pretty much stable with a diameter of 10 inches. 

The upper shaft has been kept in place by the internal counter and the height range is pretty wide as well at 34 to 60 inches. The Microphone Stand Black On-Stage MS7201B has a round-cast metal base and a central-point clutch that can be changed in height easily. The stand telescopes range from 33-60 “to around 7 lbs.

You can always adjust the stand according to your needs and requirement. It has a strong end cast that is pretty robust at 5/8 to 27 threads. 

The powder coating has almost finished its tubing and it protects the device largely against damaging factors such as dust and moisture. It is an extremely productive device for professional usage and you can always count on its ability.

The height of the device is almost 34-60 inches and it covers a diameter base of 10-inches. It is an extremely suitable device for all the professionals that looking to create a good quality audio. This amazing product also comes with a die-cast zinc clutch.


  • Steel Mid-Point Locking Clutch
  • It comes with a round stand-cast base
  • Height range is wide
  • It has a powder-coated tube 


  • Needs a lot of care with its thin body

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2. DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand Telescoping Boom

Another amazing microphone stand that goes by the name of DR Pro is a basic level tripod microphone stand that comes with a telescoping boom of 19-inch and it can also be extended to 31-inch. You can also adjust its height from 40-inch to 69-inch and the legs of the tripod are 25-inches on every side. 

DR Pro is a professional company that aims on providing professional studio musicians with all the related and needed equipment. This company is well and truly capable of giving you superior performance coupled with value. 

It is made by keeping all the industry standards in mind and it also comes with pretty strong and lightweight gear. It uses durable powder-coated finish paint along with tough tubing and precise mechanical parts. You can add the DR stands to any kind of studio and other shooting environments because of its industry-standard designs.

It is one of the top-rated devices on various search engines such as Amazon and a few others. This compact device comes with a lot of durability and portable design that has the ability to hold its items perfectly and protectively. 

The device is pretty stable in terms of usage and you won’t feel any hustle and bustle while using it for the first time. The setup is also pretty neat and easy. The price range is also pretty much affordable for the majority of the customers. 


  • Stable 
  • Portable 
  • Compact 
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 


  • Size is pretty bulky and huge
  • Flimsy
  • Knobs are delicate and requires a lot of care

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3. Thronmax S1

Thronmax S1 Caster Clamp-on Boom Stand is an extremely good quality microphone stand and it comes with an adjustable arm for USB microphones. 

It will keep your microphone perfectly in its place when you’re recording an important video, interview or a podcast. It also comes with a professional appearance and gives you a studio-grade design along with internal springs and secret management of cables. 

You don’t have to worry about the cable clutter as the USB cable goes through the all-tube construction provided by the Caster Boom Stand. 

The setup of this device is pretty straight and simple and you can start using it without much trouble. The hinges are quite tight and you wouldn’t feel the need of any other thing while adjusting the boom arm. 

It also comes with a modern internal spring design that is couple with hidden cable management as we have discussed before. It is an extremely suitable device for Thronmax mics and can be used for other professional microphones as well. It is also supported by all standard shock mounts. 

This device will let you decide about its place and it has become a pretty common option for all the professional gamers and streamers. You’re going to blow away your audience with the high of sound quality it gives you because this device perfectly fits in perfectly into your studio and gaming setup.

It also comes with full 360-degree rotation ability and that is exactly what makes this stand very special. It also comes with an integrated C-clamp that affixes the boom arm to your desk stability and precision. The build quality is strong and gives you a lot of value for its money.


  • Operations are easy and simple
  • It has a strong build quality with C-Clamp 
  • Comes with a built-in USB cable  


  • Might not work as perfectly as it works with Thronmax mics 

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4. Pyle Pro Microphone Stand  

Another top-rated microphone stand that goes by the name of Pyle Pro is a wonderful stand with a heavy compact base and strong build quality. It also comes with a Universal Mic mount and you can always adjust its height from 2.8-inches to 5-inches long. 

The body construction is also pretty strong and durable and you can also use the single microphone on the universal microphone clip that is attached with the package itself. You can also make adjustments to its height from 33.6 to 60-inch with the help of its easy-adjust extendable arm. The round metal base of this device is another additional luxury.

If we talk about its core features then the tight pivot microphone clip and strong plus lightweight construction make this device one of the best in the business. If you are looking for a device that is portable and suitable for professional usage then this top-rated Amazon product certainly deserves your attention. 

Since it is coming from a well-reputed company, you can always rely on its reliability, and the USA Standard 5/8” microphone adapter and threading will give you an edge over all other microphones in this category. If we talk about its design then the stunning black glossy finish is aesthetically beautiful.


  • Durable 
  • Portable
  • Strong build quality
  • Round metal base 
  • USA Standard 5/8” microphone adapter and threading


  • Quality can go down in extreme weather conditions when shooting outside

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5. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

When you’re buying a new microphone, there are a few things that stand out for any customer. Besides portability and durability, strong construction of the device is also pretty important. The AmazonBasics Microphone stand is a very good addition to this list of best microphone stands. It is an extremely sturdy and reasonably lightweight device that makes it very suitable for portability as well. 

It is compatible with both 5/8 inch and 3/8 inch adapter chips and the versatile device of this microphone stand makes it an extremely suitable device for usage on-the-go. 

We have covered almost all of its core features in this description but we still feel that the real pleasure of its quality can only be felt after you use it personally. Despite being so good in almost all the aspects of this field, the price is pretty much affordable for everyone and that is what makes it one of the top-rated devices online.

Its ergonomic design takes the game to the next level because most of the customers around the world look for these qualities along with versatility and affordability. Luckily, this device packs almost all of them.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile device
  • Cheap and affordable 
  • Strong build quality but still lightweight design 


  • You must test the quality after delivery in order to avoid fake products

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6. Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

As the name suggests, this microphone stand is more than capable of performing its tasks like the Hercules. The Hercules MS533B is coming with some of the most innovative features that a microphone can have. 

It is responsible for making your performance smoother and precise. It comes with a Quik-N-EZ Adaptor for quick microphone attachment. You can easily mount the Quik-N-EZ Adaptor by pushing the lever up or down. You can also leave it attached to the mic clips to use it in quick successions. It also comes with a new 2-in-1 Boom Clamp.

The Boom Clamp has this amazing ability to adjust the length and angle at the same time. You can simply loosen the knob and fix it in your desired spot. You can attach and detach the boom instantly using the Quik-N-EZ Boom Retainer. There is a tripod base as well that comes with a die-cast aluminum housing and legs. These legs can fold out to form a wide and stable structure.

This is an extremely portable device that comes at a height of around 1070-2400 mm (42.1-94.5″) and the weight is around 2.6 kg that makes it almost 5.7lbs. It is a pretty average rate and the base radius of this product is around 340mm which is 13.4-inch. It comes with a boom length of around 780mm (30.7-inch).


  • Instant and quick microphone attachment 
  • 2-in-1 Boom Clamp 
  • Easy to attach and detach Boom Clamp
  • Quik-N-EZ Adaptor


  • A little bit expensive for some customers

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7. Gator Frameworks GFW-MIC-0821

We thought it would be nice to add a couple of low-profile devices as well that are affordable and cheap for everyone. However, it doesn’t mean that these devices are not capable of performing to the best of the industry standards. 

The Gator Frameworks Bass Drum/Amp Mic stand is another versatile addition to the list of best microphone stands. You can use this stand with microphones, amplifiers, and drums as well. 

The weight of the device is pretty much stable and it assures minimal movement and solid support. It is also an extremely affordable device with a perfect boom arm for longer reaches. There is one thing that makes this device an automatic choice for any every mic closet and that is the ultra-reliable and rugged steel tubing design offered by the GFW Bass Drum/Amp Mic Stand with a boom. It is one of the most affordable and top-rated devices in this category on Amazon. 

If we talk about its technical core features then its height is around 23-inches and it comes with a U-shape base type. The base is a little heavy but it keeps the device firm and stable. The 16-inch Boom stand is fixed and it also comes with Steel Tube Materials. 

The overall weight of the device is around 6.8 lbs. It should also be mentioned that GFW is not a reputed manufacturer in this industry and it makes these kinds of devices once in a while. However, it doesn’t mean that the quality of this device is not up to the mark.


  • Compact base 
  • Stable and heavy base 
  • Type U-shape and cable management included 
  • Very much affordable 


  • The manufacturers are not well-known

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8. Atlas Sound MS-10C Round Base Mic Stand

Another device that we’re going to review is this beautiful Atlas Sound MS-10C that comes with a round base and is a chrome plated stand for microphones. 

This device is practically made for all those customers that are used to rugged usage and doesn’t pay much attention the delicacies of electronic devices. If you’re that kind of a customer, the Atlas Sound MS-10C is certainly your thing. 

If you’re stuck in an environment where constant changes to the height become irresistible then this is where the Atlas Sound is going to come to your rescue. 

It is an extremely useful device for wedding functions, award ceremonies and other related activities. This is one of the very few microphones that are great in providing full value for its money and it has the ability to work smoothly with almost all types of microphones.

Simply because it’s Atlas sound, this is superb value. The company is renowned for its musical facilities and its longevity and affordability is guaranteed. And they did so with this stand specifically. We also like it very much for its Chrome plated design along with Sturdy and easy height adjustment facility.


  • Chrome plated
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy height adjustment 
  • Affordable price 


  • Needs a lot of care 
  • No protective gear attached with the package 

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9. Konig & Meyer 25400 Boom Mic Stand

This is the last microphone stand on our list and it’s a pretty much lightweight device with just weighing over 4 pounds. The mobile musicians are going to like this device a lot because it’s an easy device to carry around on stage and in-studio as well when shooting a music video. 

You can’t compromise on your performance and it is a well-known fact that the microphone stand plays a vital role in comfortability on stage. You can easily adjust the length and tilt angle of the boom and the base tubes are coming with caps that make it really stable on almost all kinds of floors. The stand won’t make any unnecessary noise as you move it around.

People tend to like decent devices with no over the top features and this one simply ticks all the boxes for such customers. It is a pretty lightweight product with a compact design and simplistic nature. You won’t feel any trouble using it because the setup is pretty easy and that makes it inconspicuous. 

The other great benefit of this device is that it comes with at a very reasonable price and content creators and aspiring singers that are looking to make a name for themselves can certainly try this low budget but an efficient device.


  • Steel material strong construction 
  • 2-piece folding design makes it portable 
  • Ideal for aspiring and professional musicians 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Base tube caps help instability 
  • Height adjustment clutch 


  • Boom arm non-detachable 
  • It’s portable but suitable for one-hand use 

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Buyer Guide: 

Microphones are costly pieces of equipment and needed to be handled with care. When the microphone is to be positioned without being carried during the entire show, a microphone stand is a key device. The best microphone stand also helps to improve instrument consistency, voices, sounds, tones and dramatically optimize output.

It should be noted down that a microphone stand enhances the quality of recorded audios and takes them to the next level. However, if your microphone is not comfortably fixed on the stand then get ready for a huge slump in its performance. Your microphone stand must support your mic. 

The market provides a large range of microphone stands from which you can pick. Depending on the type, use, shape, size and material quality, however, each mic stand is different. It is important to know and understand the various types so that you can select the best microphone stand to match your position and purpose. There are some factors that you should keep in mind before choosing a microphone stand. 

Build quality: 

The build quality of a microphone stand largely depends on the performance of the device. Good microphones are all coming with strong construction because they are often used in concerts, shows, and impressionable interviews so they should be able to stand a few accidental hiccups. 


If your microphone has a strong build quality then it makes it easier to be carried around. Portability is also one of the key factors when choosing a microphone stand because you won’t stand on a single microphone all your life but you’d certainly need a microphone stand that is compatible with almost every microphone. 


It is extremely important to decide and know the venue where all of your recordings are going to take place. Before choosing any microphone stand, it is pretty important to select a venue and then look for a suitable option. It is because all kinds of microphones won’t work efficiently in all kinds of situations and environments. 

Functionality and quality: 

While the cost might not be a significant factor, the features and quality of the microphone stand are very important considerations. If you choose to buy a microphone stand then we’d suggest that you should invest a good amount of money. 

It is not necessary that the best microphone stand will be very costly and it is also not necessary that a low budget microphone stand will work efficiently. Therefore, choose wisely and look for functions and quality rather than low price.   


What are the best mic stands?

Ans: On Stage MS7201B Microphone Stand and Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand along with Konig & Meyer 25400 Boom Mic Stand are considered as the best ones.

Are mic stands universal?

Ans: Majority of them come with a universal thread that supports the microphone clip

What does MIC stand for?

Ans: Minimal inhibitory concentration