Best Dynamic Microphones For Streaming 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Videos that are recorded without a microphone will have far lower sound quality than those recorded with microphones. There are certain types of microphones and you need different devices for different situations. 

Today, we’re going to talk about best microphones that best for streaming. Online game streaming has become a powerful norm in the gaming industry and content creators on YouTube have also started streaming their videos in order to build an audience of their own. 

If you’re looking to develop a gaming channel and build quality audience then you will have to produce quality results as well. For that, you’d need to buy a good dynamic microphone that is suitable for streaming. Let’s check out the list of best dynamic microphones for streaming.

Top 8 Best Dynamic Microphones for Streaming

1. Audio-Technica AT2020

There are two things that are mostly considered by buyers when they are looking to upgrade their microphones, quality of sound and price. Microphones are an essential part of every content creator and this Audio Technica AT 2020 is certainly one of the best choice mic for streamers.  

It is one of the top sellers on Amazon and comes around at a price of around $100. It is a pretty reasonable price and a good investment that provides value. It comes with a trickle down technology that is not even included in some of the expensive models. 

 The cardioid pick-up pattern is best suited to capture your vocals clearly and eliminate the surrounding noise. It also comes with a magnetic field to perfectly eliminate the sound that can cause disruption in the main audio. It is best suitable for studio use and that is where the streamers do their thing.

It’s very good with some fantastic layout inputs. The grill is very robust and as it is often the most damaging component of a microphone, it is secured. This has a brace on top of the grill that helps to avoid any unintentional knocks and eliminates friction from it.

The device is quite sensitive but not of extreme level, allowing it to endure high levels of sound intensity (up to 144 decibels). But you should navigate complexities like a professional if you want to belt out a massive soulful melody. Despite its smaller size, it measures 0.63 centimeters and does a remarkably good job.

You’d get a standard 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response rate that enables the microphone to adept at dealing with sound coming out of the subject’s mouth. It is also pretty suitable for capturing musical instruments and vocals if you’re interested. It also holds the significance of being the Amazon choice product. 


  • Ideal for gamers and streamers 
  • Cardioid polar system 
  • It has high SPL handling and a wide range of dynamic versatility 
  • Low background noise levels
  • Lightweight and good diaphragm sensitivity


  • Background noise can pop out without a compressor 
  • You’d need quality cables as well for better sound quality 

2. AKG Pro audio Lyra

The next product on our list of best dynamic microphones for streaming is this AKG Pro Audio Lyra Ultra-HD microphone. This USB microphone is going to give you a lot of flexibility and comes with a great sound quality as well. 

USB microphones are best suited for gamers and streamers because they don’t take a lot of space and can be connected easily to the PCs and laptops. You simply have to open the audio software and you are good to go. If you have this mic set up in your studio, you’re not going to need anything extra to produce high-quality audio.

This is one of the top rated devices on Amazon and the performance itself speaks quality of its caliber. There is a USB out at the bottom of the device along with a 3.5mm jack to plug in to your headset. In this way, you’d be able to hear what’s being recorded. 

On the top, the headphones have a volume button. Adjusting the volume will not affect the sound quality and recording at all.  

A mute button is available as well. This could be useful if you do online interviews and get a lot disturbed during recording. There are 4 lights on the front too for the four different recording settings and the ‘Microphone Template’ dial on the back of the microphone is used to monitor them. There’s a profit dial on the back too. It is the input level and influences the audio that is captured directly.


  • Ultra-HD Quality Audio
  • It comes with easy Setup and universal compatibility
  • It keeps a check on zero latency
  • It also has an Adaptive Capsule Array 
  • Its four-capsule mic array provides four user-friendly capture modes


  • Gain dial on the back of the mic can be disturbing

3. Shure SM7B

This Shure SM7B is one of the most popular XLR microphones among gamers and streamers. You must have seen a lot of well-known companies and gaming channels using this dynamic microphone. 

You’d see a gradual bass roll-off to restrict the low end and clipping because of its warm sound. There are unwanted disturbing sounds coming out of your computer and desk all the time and this device does a pretty good job at preventing them through its internal air suspension system. 

It also comes with a great tone and the sound quality of SM7B is absolutely ravishing. If you’re looking to produce high-quality sound and voice quality for streaming and gaming then, this device is pretty much suitable for you. However, it is not in everybody’s reach because of its high-price.

It can be a little intimidating to invest in a microphone because you never know how well it will function. The SM7B is highly flexible with double tone sensors. This dual-band passive EQ provides tests for low cutting and enhanced presence.

The SM7B is an outstanding microphone in both flat and low-cut for man’s dialogue and speech, but a presence boost switch makes it a better alternative for shrill and fragile women’s vocal sources. This makes SM7B the ideal choice for bass drums and full-size guitar and bass cabinets. It also takes up to 180 Db that makes it ideal for gamers and streamers. 


  • It comes with a highly effective pop filter that eliminates the need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds
  • Boost controls accommodate a wide range of voices 
  • Bass roll-off is another great addition
  • It gives you flat and wide-range frequency response rate 


  • A little expensive at nearly $400 

4. Sudotack USB streaming microphone

In order to give you crystal clear recordings, this ultra magnificent microphone promises to give you a 24 bit/192Khz bit sample rate. It also comes with wide frequency response at 30Hz to 16Hz. It also comes with stunning sound reproduction quality for high-resolution audio. 

The cardioid pick up pattern is also pretty good for streamers and it gives you precise and accurate sound quality. It will also eradicate the background noise by picking the sounds that are on its forefront.

It is a USB Plug-n-play device that also comes with a high-quality desktop recording that is another great feature for regular streamers. You don’t have to worry about the drivers because you can start using this device by simply connecting its USB to your laptop/computer.

Its additional physical accessories include a microphone stand, shock mount, table clamp, and an anti-wind foam cap. You’d also get USB-A and USB-B cables with a pop filter. All of the above-mentioned features are really handy when it comes to eliminating unwanted noise that is coming from vibrations and other things. 

It is a great option with the compatibility of a great level. It is supported by both Windows and Macs. You can also use it with your smartphone but you’d need an adapter for that purpose. Its additional physical accessories include a microphone stand, shock mount, table clamp, and an anti-wind foam cap. You’d also get USB-A and USB-B cables with a pop filter. All of the above-mentioned features are really handy when it comes to eliminating unwanted noise that is coming from vibrations and other things. 


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Noise elimination accessories 
  • Highly compatible 


  • Over usage can cause problems 

5. Electro-Voice RE27

If you’re looking for a suitable device that would help you in making your streaming experience better, you should check out this dynamic microphone that goes by the name of Electro-Voice RE27. 

This device has the ability to produce clean and crisp sound and it also does a pretty good job at eliminating the unnecessary background noise. You’re going to get your voice in full tone without having to do much. Famous TV channels such as SkySports and BBC use this type of microphone in their shows. 

It can also be regarded as one of the most expensive devices out there on this list. However, we assure you that it will provide a lot of value for its money. 

The RE-27 is one of the best microphones that we have seen so far on a budget.. Nevertheless, it has been developed and adapted to broadcasting, where the conditions of service require further refining, and responses in frequencies differ from 10kc (AM) to 20kc (FMHD). The right solution you can get is about 4.9 kc with your SSB facility.

It is an extremely professional device that is specifically designed for broadcasting, production, and taking out excellent results. It will give you high-quality in your audio recordings and it uses revolutionary neodymium allow magnet and a strongly reinforced diaphragm dome. 

This combination will increase the sensitivity up to 6dB. It will also give you an extended high-frequency response rate with distorted output at high sound pressure levels. As others have pointed out, the Electro-voice RE27 is a decent, but very expensive voice microphone. Admittedly, offers more eye candy than good microphone output that costs less.


  • One of the best dynamic microphone 
  • Proximity effect is minimized 
  • It has two low frequencies 
  • It comes with internal/blast wind filter that gives you a 3-year warranty


  • Very highly-priced 

6. Telefunken M82

This kick drum microphone that goes by the name of M82 is another dynamic device from the shores of Telefunken. Any content creator with studio and streaming setup is going to appreciate this device with all heart. It has a 1.37-inch moving-coil diaphragm that gives you an amazing low-frequency response. 

This was specifically designed for kick drums but the history of its usage by different customers suggests that it has been quite suitable for streamers, voice-over artists, and gamers as well. You’d also get a switchable Kick EQ filter with a switch high boost feature that will give you a variety of sounds in just a single device.

Its customer reviews on Amazon are also pretty satisfying and people have been keeping this device as their second favorite after the Audio-Technica AT2020. This device is known for giving you high boost switch that lets you amplify 2 KHz and up by 6db for additional clarity in the sound.

Telefunken offers a wide variety of quality valve and solid-state condensers and a range of dynamic moving coil models (which are most commonly known as the cardioid M82) both for small and large diaphragms.

The M82 is what we’d define as “stocky” in terms of design and looks. It is just over 15 cm in length and has a diameter of just over 6 cm (including the threaded XLR port, the body itself is nearer to 12 cm/.The microphone weighs 635 g reassuringly and the weight and scale in the hand are not very different from that of a full bottle of soft drink.


  • Strong build quality 
  • Versatile device 
  • Recording and sound quality is great


  • Not affordable for everyone 

7. Samson Satellite USB microphone 

Another dynamic microphone that gets its name on the list is this beautiful Samson Satellite USB microphone. It is perhaps the only device that is coming with a direct iOS connection for compatibility with iPhones and iPads. 

It is specifically designed for all the people that looking to record things on the go. It has simple USB connectivity and it is quite protective in terms of its build quality. 

It will also give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to recording different tones of audio. This microphone is best suited for beginners but professionally trained streamers are also bound to use this product because of its great features.

Streamers are surely going to enjoy its high-quality audio because as we have already discussed, this microphone is perfectly suitable for recording on-the-go. Another great feature of this device is that it uses Cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional configurations.  

Cardioid is ideal for solo purposes (including video interviews), bi-directional is for two people, and the best environment for capturing multiple individuals gathered around the microphone is omnidirectional. It is basically a jack of all trades kind of a device.

A headphone jack and volume control is available on the microphone to keep a precise check on your recordings. That means that you can listen to your audio if there are problems and fix them immediately. 

It has the ability to capture 24 bit/96kHz broadcast-quality audio to your computer or iOS device for your recordings.

It is also one of the most affordable devices that are available just under $100 and streamers that are not in good shape to invest in a high-end microphone, will surely consider trying this beauty. 


  • Three pickup patterns in cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional
  • Affordable for almost everyone
  • High-quality sound recording
  • It also has a touch-mute feature that works rapidly


  • Design looks delicate
  • Not suitable for outdoor usage 

8. Blue Yeti USB Microphone 

When it comes to desktop recording videos and streaming, the Blue Yeti USB microphone is perhaps one of the best choice microphones because of its THX-certified sound quality, built-in gain control and four recording modes. 

For streamers that are looking for a USB microphone, should definitely consider the Blue Yeti. This company has also produced gems like Blue Snowball and Blue Snowflake whereas the Blue Yeti is a mid-range microphone designed for both budget and high-end customers.

The size is pretty large and hence it becomes a difficult option for portable applications. However, it is still one of the best microphones in terms of flexibility and performance. It weighs around 3.5 pounds and comes as an ideal choice for any studio setup.

The Yeti’s sound quality offers noticeably better depth and detail. It produces a big sound from a big microphone. The solid-metal man-shaped stand does better than G-Track or Snowball to position the microphone at the mouth-level, though not as flashy a feature as capsule count.

You’d also notice a small knob at the back to enable you to monitor the mic’s gain directly. As we have discussed before, the multi-pattern selector switch with four different recording modes is the biggest highlight of this device.

The only drawback of this device is perhaps its lack of portability and a less subtle design. There are plastic knobs at the side of this device and they’re going to play an important role as far as durability is concerned.


  • It comes with four recording modes
  • It has a tri-capsule array
  • Perfect device for vocals and streamers
  • It also has gain control and mute button 


  • Lack of portability 
  • The design is not subtle 

Buyer Guide:

Things to consider before buying:

Pick up patterns 

Microphones come with different pickup patterns so it is pretty important to choose the right choice of microphone with the right pick up pattern that suits your content and environment. 

Proximity Effect Sensitivity

This is another very important factor that you should keep in mind before buying any type of microphone because some subjects tend to ‘drift’ away from the mic and the proximity effect sensitivity will come In handy in this kind of situation. 

Frequency Response Curve

Far from any reputed microphone, a map of its frequency response is given. The frequency response of a microphone is a measure of the magnitude of a given frequency spectrum. Hence, the frequency response rate becomes very crucial when you’re choosing a new microphone to buy.

Noise Floor

The noise floor is one downside of going down the budget route when purchasing a condenser microphone. The word “noise floor” means “self-noise” of a computer. In other words, you hear any noise in the background if you turn the mic on but don’t make any sound. You must choose a device that is capable of canceling its own noise floor with precision.

You should invest in a good dynamic microphone if you decide to start a podcast or a game streaming service. 

Microphones are necessary for any kind of content creators and since this guide has been all about gaming and streaming, you’d certainly need a good quality microphone to achieve the best possible results with your streaming.

People and audiences can take mediocre video quality but they cannot compromise on the quality of sound. Therefore, microphones become even more useful and necessary for content creation on YouTube and other social media platforms.

It is better to use a dynamic microphone for streaming and the sound is less sensitive than a condenser microphone. Nevertheless, a condenser microphone may be an excellent option if you have a soundproof studio with acoustic treatment. We have covered a lot of options in this list and one should be able to choose the best suitable device if he goes through this article thoroughly. We have discussed some premium-level devices coupled with budget options as well. 

There are a few things that you need to consider in your dynamic microphone. Portability, design, and sound quality are the topmost priorities for any content creator. If you follow this guide closely, you’d find a lot of options that are suitable for you both in terms of budget and requirement.


What mic should I get for streaming?

Ans: There are many options but Audio-Technica AT2020 is considered best for streaming.

What is the best dynamic microphone for vocals?

Ans: Shure SM7B and Audio-Technica ATR2100 are a great source for producing vocals.

Are dynamic microphones good for recording?

Ans: Of course, dynamic microphones are great at resisting feedback and they’re generally less sensitive as well.