Top 10 Best Cheap Microphones For Gaming 2020

Gamers these days take their gaming very seriously. In fact, this hobby needs a lot of investment as well. Apart from a good gaming laptop or a computer, you’d still need a lot of additional equipment in order to enjoy the modern games of this generation. 

We have the gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, and a lot of other things that are necessary for any professional or amateur gamer to have in his arsenal. Besides all these things, it is very important to have a good gaming microphone as well. 

To elevate your overall gaming experience, it is very important to realize the importance of a microphone. You see, lots of games these days have this feature of online communication and you can even talk to your teammates and rivals during the game. 

It is also pretty necessary to have a typical gaming microphone because there are intricate details that can only be addressed with a good gaming mic. You’d also find microphones on different headsets but you would also notice that microphones in those headsets are not their strong points. 

Video games are becoming more and more immersive these days and gaming is becoming a popular industry for businessmen as well. Companies are actually sponsoring gamers for mega gaming events and there are lots of aspiring kids out there that are looking to make a name for them using their gaming skills. 

When it comes to the market of best gaming microphones, you’re going to find a plethora of options that are currently available in the market. There is massive competition in this field and people are looking for the most suitable options in terms of price and reliability.

You’d also find a lot of difference in prices as well. There are premium level microphones that are out of reach of some customers and are only affordable for some section of people. Then there are mid-range microphones that need a little bit of investment but provides a lot of value for money. You’d also find cheap and inexpensive microphones that are good in delivery quality audio but are not known for major features. 

If you like, you can spend up to $ 300 on a decent headset or mic, or remain below $100. In order to give you some choices, we have compiled the list of best microphones available for gameplay across the entire range. We don’t have to settle for your gaming microphone if you are serious – even if you want you can go for a higher-end USB microphone.

If you were to take our advice, we’d suggest you to go for your desired option because these things are not bought every day. You must feel that your hard-earned cash goes into the right product and you start enjoying your long hours of gaming sessions. 

In this article, we’re going to shed light on some of the most affordable and relatively cheaper microphones that are suitable for gamers. These microphones will not only provide good quality audio but will also make your gaming experience worthy. 

Top 10 Cheap & affordable Microphones for gaming 

Fifine Metal Condenser

Fifine Metal Condenser is one of those devices that are practically usable in various forms of activities such as gaming, video calling, recording, vocals and voice-overs as well. However, this multi-tasking ability is not the most appealing part of this device, its price is. 

You can get this little beauty for just over 40 dollars without breaking the bank and you’d get in to receive extremely good quality audio without any interruption and noise pollution. 

According to one of its reviews on Amazon, this device is practically suitable for all those that are looking to do multiple tasks with their microphones but do not want to spend more than $40. It will cleanly capture your audio and you’d see the results yourself when you put that on screen.

It blends a lot of amazing characteristics at an excellent price point. And as such, the quality is worth a lot. It has more than 1 400 Amazon reviews and is an Amazon Choice award product.  This uses plug-and-play flexibility and provides ships with a USB cable of 5.9 feet and fits well with your monitor and laptop.

Let’s discuss the most important element for any microphone, the sound quality. The amazing microphone has the ability to capture raw sound and present it with utmost clarity and precision. It is a solid metal mic that comes with a USB enabled condenser microphone with a cardioid polar system.

It is an extremely suitable option for all those that are looking to stream and record their gaming videos. Particularly for YouTubers, gaming channels are doing really well and they have captured majority of the market. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in online gaming and streaming platform, this has to be your perfect choice. Condenser microphones are good in providing audio that is audible in some of the most difficult circumstances as well.

Key features:

  • USB plug-play compatibility is great and easy 
  • Build quality is pretty strong 
  • The cardioid polar system is an additional luxury
  • Audio quality is crystal clear 

TONOR PC Microphone

An element that improves every audio project and creates the best sound for good results is a professionally built recording tool. Nevertheless, primary sound devices are typically costly, making it virtually impossible to own certain essential recording devices and gadgets. 

This is where Toner makes it possible and accessible to record everything adequately. Technology has developed into an age in which we now have performers and artists working from home, taking the audio industry to an ETA of more demand than supply.

This device from Toner will give you fine quality audio with minimal background noise. You won’t feel any distortion and it will give you the best results possible. It is a perfect durable device and comes with a guarantee of long term use. The gooseneck is pretty flexible and easily adjustable as well.

The plug & play feature makes the Toner USB microphone very simple to use and control and it stands out when compared to other microphones of this price range.

It is supported by a wide range of devices because it has this USB plug-and-play system that is easily connectable to PCs. The internal features are easy to access and that makes it one of the easiest devices to use. 

Key features:

  • It is mountable because of its mounting clamp
  • A flexible 360-degree goose-neck
  • Anti-vibration shock capabilities are good
  • USB Plug-and-play feature stands out
  • You can record from a 10ft distance as well with clarity

ONIKUMA II Gaming Headset

ONIKUMA is considered one of the leaders of the gaming industry when it comes to providing users with the most innovative and best gaming experience. This headset has been sold all over the world and it has received a lot of good reviews and comments. 

It’s been reviewed by almost 1 million customers so you can imagine the kind of sound quality it produces. It comes with 4D virtual displacement technology in order to take your gaming and hearing experience to the next level. 

You’d enjoy long sessions of gaming and the build quality is very comfortable enough as well. The ear cups are padded softly and the ergonomic ear cup is thicker and bigger to cancel the ambient noise coming from the outside.

A high-quality 50 mm driver provides a smooth flat bass with neodymium magnets. ONIKUMA PC gaming headsets are customizable omnidirectional and flexible for sound selection in 360 degrees. ONIKUMA USB headset provides long-term endurance, fitted with extremely sturdy cords and joints. It is an extremely good choice for all the gamers of PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Key features:

  • High precision 50mm driver
  • Sound clarity 
  • Suitable for various games 
  • Impressive ambient noise isolation

V-MODA BoomPro

V-MODA BoomPro is an exceptional microphone and it is also detachable, flexible and a professional level boom grade microphone for your headphones with 3.5mm jack. The gamers are going to get a lot of vocal clarity in terms of sound quality and noise reduction. 

It is compatible with smartphones and tablets whilst you can also use it for your teleconferences and video calls with friends.

It is an incredible device for clear voice communication and you won’t feel any distortion when it comes to playing games. It also comes with a SteelFlex Arm for better positioning of the microphone. It also comes with a Y-adapter for computers that require separate inputs for microphones. It has a convenient control chip that features in-line mute and rotary volume controls. It is a comfortable and lightweight microphone with a compact design and it provides good value for money. The Microphone Sensitivity is-38dB at the rate of 1 kHz.

Key features:

  • Crystal Clear Mic increases voice clarity
  • It has a SteelFlex arm for better positioning 
  • It is supported by all smartphones, PCs, and tablets
  • One year premium warranty 


The Bengoo G9000 can be defined as a pretty good microphone for all the entry-level and professional gamers as well. The sound quality is pretty good and it gives you a lot of value for its money. It is also one of the top-rated devices on Amazon and that speaks volumes of its demand and caliber. 

You’re not going to get the topmost quality of sound but still, the Bengoo is inclined to give you a good gaming experience in just under $40.  

It is a 40 mm neodymium stereo headset that produces a large quantity of bass. You fall to the punchy bass if you’re a fan of low-heavy bass or love to hear explosions in loud and clear shooters. If not, sometimes you might find it is a little daunting.

It comes with an omnidirectional pattern and picks up the voice brilliantly. You wouldn’t need to shout or say anything louder compared to your original voice because your teammates are going to hear you out properly.

The microphone offers the necessary clarity of tone, but it has become a little too sensible for us. The mic selects a lot of ambient noises like the fan blowing up in your room or the engine blowing while your window is open. So, you’d have to take care of these things when you’re recording or streaming.

Key features:

  • Clear sound operating and strong bass
  • Omnidirectional microphone can transmit high-quality sound
  • Premium noise-canceling feature 

The VersionTech G2000

The Stereo Gaming Headset VersionTech G2000 is a 3.5-mm headset designed to offer a high-quality, comfortable, and affordable sound experience. And this is definitely what this device offers. You have a professional headset on the outside. And you get a good sound quality with a budget on the inside.

The build quality is pretty impressive and this device was typically designed for gamers that are attracted to stylish gaming gear. The plastic-made body is going to turn off some potential buyers. 

However, it is pretty important to notice that the main job of a good gaming microphone is to provide you good quality audio during your gaming sessions and this device lives up to its expectations. You don’t need to invest too much on expensive gaming gear that is solid and stylish while their primary job is to give you good hearing experience.

This headset looks much like the ones that other e-sports players use when they break up the game. This features LEDs that lighten the ear cups and the microphone, making you look pretty high-tech. An extra USB cable powers the lights.

Key Features:

  • Affordable and provides value for money
  • Compatible with almost every kind of device
  • You can adjust the sound through the on-cable volume control

Blue Microphones Yeti

Here’s one of our favorites that many blogs around the net have recommended as well as many good Amazon reviews. The Yeti by Blue is by far one of our best gaming microphones and has three condenser capsules that are far better than most microphones. 

 It will give you amazing control over latency and it connects via USB that is compatible to both Mac and PC. It’s also available in different mode, including stereo, cardioid, Omni and bidirectional.  It has earned 4.5/5 on Amazon and got more than 1,000 reviews. But if you’ve got a couple more bucks, you can also opt for its pro version that is coming with better quality and results.

The Blue Yeti USB is the best gaming microphone for streamers. During streaming, the controls can’t be easier to use. A single controller and a mute button are both available on the front of the device, and that is all you really need for the intended purpose. You will never hit the wrong thing midstream by mistake.

The Blue Yeti has been included in this list because of its vast number of reviews and that too are very positive. -The overall microphone is pretty well-equipped for gaming and you can enjoy long hours of sessions with your gaming partner.

Key features:

  • Audio quality is pretty precise and clear
  • Supported by most of gaming devices
  • Gives you control over latency
  • 4 Pickup Patterns

HyperX Cloud Stinger 

This microphone that goes by the name of HyperX Cloud Stinger is one of the most suitable mics for gaming. It comes with all the latest and premium-level features but much to the surprise of its buyers, it doesn’t come at a higher price. 

When you look at its features, you’d say that $44 is an extremely good rate for these kinds of functions. This is one of the most serious options for a gamer when it comes to saving some hard-earned cash.

This is indeed a budget-friendly option because it comes with a wire and a mic that is bound to give you good quality audio. These headphones and microphones have drawn a very confusing line between high-end products and budget products.

E.g. if you can’t afford a high-end gaming device or a microphone but you still want to compete with your rivals as they are carrying heavy gear. In that case, the HyperX Cloud is going to save the day for you because it has the ability to cover you from embarrassments in most of the situations while gaming. The HyperX Cloud is a universal wired gaming headset.

You can use this Cloud Stinger with PS4, Xbox One, and PC and even in some of the mobile systems. It is packed with memory foam earbuds that will give you comfortability & easiness during your gameplay. 

Be ready to enjoy some pin-point audio accuracy with its 50mm directional drivers. The ear cups can also be rotated 90-degree to give you a perfect fit for your ears. The slider adjustment allows you to conveniently suit your headset, while it offers a variety of noise cancelation mic allows you to silence the outside noise immediately, without any additional problems. Put in an incredibly competitive price tag and the HyperX Cloud Stinger is a perfect match for almost all gamers.

Key features:

  • 90-degree rotating ear cups Rotatable ear cups of 90-degrees 
  • Directional drivers of 50mm are incredible 
  • It has a massive 18 – 23,000Hz frequency response
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms 
  • It also comes with memory foam-padded

SteelSeries Arctis 1

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 is one of the most highly rated microphones for gaming and it is going to provide you with a lot of accuracy and precision as far as the gaming sound and audio quality is concerned. If you are looking to buy one of the best microphones for gaming then this brilliant SteelSeries Arctis 1 is surely an option to consider.

It is supported by PC, PS4, Xbox and other switch systems in order to give you realistic compatibility with multiple platforms. The sound quality is also pretty subtle and critical. You will enjoy minute audio details of every single game you play with this device.

It is a detachable ClearCast microphone that is going to cancel all the surrounding noises with ease and accuracy. 

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 is a very highly rated microphone for gaming because of its impeccable performance and budget-friendly price. 

Besides the HyperX Cloud Stinger, the Arctis 1 is one of the top-rated microphones for gaming on Amazon Choice Product. People that have been using the Arctis SteelSeries products would know about the quality of this device.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with multiple platforms
  • Audio quality is pretty accurate and precise
  • The noise-canceling feature is Discord Certified
  • It provides great comfortability

AmazonBasics Gaming Headset

If we’re talking about cheap and inexpensive microphones for gaming then you must start by considering this amazing device. It is made for all those people that are looking to start their professional gaming career. It is also pretty handy for all the gamers that are currently playing games just for the sake of feeding their hobby. If you’re not sure about the intricate features and details of microphones, then you must try this AmazonBasics gaming headset.

You’re going to enjoy a 2-way communication with this device and the audio quality is not bad at all. You can connect to your gaming buddies during and before the start of the game to plan out your exercises properly. 

It has an extremely comfortable and flexible headband along with its ear pads that are soft and easy to use for long hours of gaming. With this AmazonBasics headset, you’re going to enjoy the extreme level of comfortability.

Key features:

  • It is supported by various devices via 3.5mm jack
  • The headband and earpads are pretty comfortable
  • Sound quality is impressive and clear
  • Supported by Switch, PS4, Xbox, and PCs 


What is the best mic for gaming?

Fifine Metal Condenser is the top-rated microphone for gaming on Amazon.

What is the best cheap microphone?

BENGOO G9000, V-MODA BoomPro, ONIKUMA II are all pretty good and cheap microphones.

How much does a gaming MIC cost?

You can buy a decent gaming microphone in just under $40. 

What MIC do gamers use?

Answer: Fifine Metal Condenser and HyperX Cloud Stinger are the two most used microphones by gamers.