Best 3.5mm Microphones 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

We have been discussing a lot about microphones lately and there is one more type remaining to be reviewed. The 3.5mm microphones are the most widely used microphones across the majority of the global population. 

These microphones are easy, portability, and user-friendly. They are used to enhance the sound quality of your videos when you’re recording something important. These microphones are typically suited for indoor records because they perform better when they’re in a studio environment. 

3.5mm microphones are also quite common when it comes to close-in interviews and podcasts. They produce clear and crisp audio quality coupled with almost zero background noise. Also, there is a wide range of 3.5mm devices available and you are going to find it extremely difficult choosing the suitable to option. 

There are microphones of different sizes and functions with different price ranges as well. That is exactly why we have compiled this list of best 3.5mm microphones in order to make It easy for you to pick the right choice. 

List of Best 3.5mm microphones

1. TONOR BM-700 

Tonor BM-700 is a professional studio condenser microphone and it is one of the best-rated devices on Amazon and other platforms. 

The Tonor Company is known for introducing some of the finest microphones and this BM-700 is no exception. We were all excited to hear about the release of this microphone because we have been hearing a lot of good things about it.

The very first thing we observed about this microphone is its very much affordable price. This has been the reason people are going crazy about it because it is relatively cheaper compared to the other devices of the same company. 

You must have an external power source, such as a 48V phantom power, to use this microphone. It is also not suitable for mobile phones or tablets and doesn’t work with them either.

It is pretty compatible with both Windows and MACs and works fine on both. Before we get into the intricate details of the device, we’d like you to understand that this device has all the abilities that won’t disappoint you.

If we talk about its core features then this package comes with a shock mount, adjustable suspension scissor and arm stand. On top of that, you’d also enjoy the luxury of table mount clamp, pop filter and windscreen. 

Its 3.5mm XLR cable is going to connect you smoothly and it also has the XLR made to female cable. It also comes with a sound card and a USB port with instruction manuals.

The TONOR microphone is easy to configure and intuitive to assemble. You just got to put some pieces together, there’s very little assembling needed. 

There are a few instructions for guiding you through the process if you have never configured one before. You can set up this microphone in pretty much less than 2 minutes and it should be ready to use under this time frame.

Although this microphone is not of studio quality, it is more than the basic level of what you would need in a microphone for anyone who starts streaming, creating video content, podcasting, etc.


  • Crisp and clear sound quality 
  • Pop filter works really well 
  • 3.5mm XLR cable 
  • Shock mount and arm stand 
  • Easy to set up


  • 48V Phantom power need externally 
  • Cannot be used with smartphones and tablets 

2. Shure VP83F

There are some microphones that are only suitable for some devices. This Shure VP83F is a special kind of a camera condenser microphone that is specifically made for DSLR users. This device comes with integrated recording features and it produces pretty crisp and clear voice quality. 

The internal audio recorder allows you to record at 24 bit/ 48 KHz and it will also do a pretty good job at eliminating the noise. It comes with a MicroSD HC memory card where you’d be able to store all of your data and files. It has the ability to enhance the sensitivity of the microphone and monitor all the files and playback options at once.

It also comes with a five-positional special console and LCD display and you shouldn’t be worrying about its setup because it is pretty easy. 

There are two 3.5mm microphone jacks in this product as they are the main source of connecting the device to the camera and headphones. There are two AA batteries in this device that produces a lot of power and you can enjoy the services of this device for at least 10 hours. 

The LCD display will clearly show what is written on it and it will also give you a lot of control over the product itself. You’d also enjoy monitoring the audio performance levels, its battery life, and a couple of other things as well. You’d also be responsible for tracking the microphone gain, the filter switch, and the recording time that is remaining.


  • Gives you quality with reasonable price
  • Excellent durability and amazingly engineered 
  • It has the great ability to eliminate the outside sounds
  • It has a two-battery powered camera


  • Needs good air temperature at any cost to work 

3. HyperX Quadcast

The HyperX Quadcast is another USB condenser microphone that is pretty highly rated when it comes to the 3.5mm category. The setup is easy and configurable and you won’t face much trouble while setting it up for the first time. 

The build quality is pretty strong and it comes with a robust dual-shock mount as well. It is standing on a tilting stand and there is a gain dial at the bottom of the capsule to manage its sensitivity properly. You can also swap your pickup pattern from the back of its knob and it is easy to stuff.

The HyperX Quadcast is one of the top-rated brands on Amazon and that is exactly why we have added this amazing microphone to our list. At first, the input and output sound will default to the device on your computer and you’d also notice a 3.5mm headphone jack on its back that is designed to put the output of your computer forward. 

You can also use your own setup if you like as it also gives you the option to choose from. A good quality microphone is always necessary for any kind of content creator and the HyperX Quadcast works fine with PS4, PCs, and MACs through the USB cable.

The device was launched last year and it was available at around 140 dollars. It means the price would have gone down significantly by now and if you have the budget, don’t hesitate in trying out this microphone that is suitable for all kinds of recording and produces really good sound quality with any hustle and bustle. 


  • Comes with anti-vibration shock mount 
  • LED indicator
  • Mute button
  • It also has a mount adapter 
  • Gain control adjustment is easy


  • Needs a heavy investment 
  • USB-only device 

4. Sennheiser MKE 400

Sennheiser is one of the well-known companies when it comes to microphone manufacturing and you simply can’t ignore its devices in any list. We have this Sennheiser MKE 400 in our list of best 3.5mm microphones because of its compact design, clear sound quality, and reliability. 

People invest a lot on cameras but when it comes to affordable microphones, you must consider this MKE 400 because of its ability to provide you with clear and crisp audio quality. 

This is affordable because it is only compatible with cameras that are over $1000. It is pretty obvious that a person who can buy a camera worth a thousand bucks that investing in a couple of hundred dollars won’t be a problem for him. It was basically started at the price range of $289 but since we’re halfway through Newyear, you can get this device in just over $130 now. That is a pretty great difference, isn’t it? 

There are no physical connections here because the microphone is wired internally and through the 3.5 mm connector, the signal link is working efficiently.  The 200 mm cable can stretch comfortably to more than a half meter, so no microphone input issues will occur.

It has a 3.5mm microphone socket and you can simply plug it into your camera to start using it. You’d need a single ‘AAA’ battery and it will give you 300 hours of power operation. 

This microphone represents a lobar pattern of picking. It is very sensitive to the face and the back, only marginally sensitive to the sides and less sensitive at 45 degrees from the front and back.

The framework of the microphone is metal-made and two 6 mm long rubber stalks are separated from the frame. It acts as a shock mount that reduces camera noise transmission to the 400 Sennheiser MKE. The standard inch-wide locking disk is placed above the slide region of the mount to secure the handle.


  • Strong build quality 
  • Internal shock mount
  • You can change sensitivity levels 
  • Hot shoe mount is suitable for all cameras 


  • Only compatible with cameras 

5. Audio-Technica Pro 24 Stereo condenser

When it comes to stereo microphones, the name of Audio Technica Pro 24 comes out at the top in the market of 2020. You’d get a high-quality stereo pickup pattern in an affordable device that is used for professional recording and field usage. 

You can use it on a camera mount easily because the design is pretty lightweight and compact. It also gives you a realistic feeling with the help of its pair of cardioid elements in X-Y configuration that allow the spatial impact to feature properly in your video. It doesn’t need a battery since it gets its power from the mic input when connected to a device. The build quality is strong just like any other Audio Technica device. It is specially made for rough usage in outdoor records because of its strong construction.

This microphone comes with an amazing quality along with a tiny diaphragm and the XY polar pickup pattern is ideal for outdoor shootings and recordings when the net sound is too much. This is another great addition to the already reputed range of devices by Audio Technica.

It has a frequency response rate of 100-17,000 Hz along with an impedance of 600 ohms. Its maximum input sound level is 119 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.

It is an extremely suitable stereo microphone that is designed for camcorders and it is ideal for all the camcorders with an accessory shoe and stereo microphone input. Along with its XY configuration, it also has cardioid condenser elements that are highly impressive in giving you a versatile audio quality.


  • Lightweight 
  • Portable 
  • Compact design
  • Powered without batteries 


  • Over usage can cause problems 

6. King Bee Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

This is another versatile device that deserves to be included in this list of top 3.5mm microphones. It has the ability to capture quality audio from a plethora of sources such as vocals, drums, piano, guitar, and other musical instruments. 

‘Neat’ is a company well-known for making condenser microphones and this one is also a great addition to its already high-rated series of devices. The King Bee Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is packed with a 1.3-inch gold-sputtered capsule with a permanent cardioid polar system.

This device has the unique ability to perform even when some of the loudest sound sources are around. It has the ability to handle up to 140 dB SPL and it will produce clear sound without any distortion. You’d get Class-A electronics that are going to help you in giving sonic reproduction because it will suit your device. This device also comes with a Honeycomb pop filter and BeeKeeper shock mount.

It is one of the most affordable devices on this list and the design and builds quality are also quite satisfying. It comes with a Yellowish design that can put off some customers but colors and looks are not the main priority, right? This device is more than capable of performing to the best of its potential when used wisely. 

If we talk about its core features then its frequency range is 16 Hz to 20 kHz that comes with a maximum SPL of 140 dB. The impedance is at 150 Ohms and the load impedance is 1 Kilohms. The sensitivity level of this device is 26 mV/Pa at 1 kHz. 

The dynamic range of 134 dB is more than sufficient and its signal to noise ratio is also pretty good at 89 dB A-weighted. The equivalent noise level of this device is 6.5 dB A-Weighted. 

It will need 48 V of Phantom power to operate and it also has a 3-pin XLR Analog connector. It weighs around 27.6 oz / 782.46 g and the weight of the overall package is 7.4lbs.


  • The perfect option for musicians, vocalists, and other instruments 
  • Pretty good at recording voiceovers 
  • Portable and durable 


  • Design and looks are not aesthetically appealing 

7. Rode VideoMic Pro

Rode VideoMic Pro is also one of the widely used 3.5mm microphones and they are perfectly suitable for digital SLR cameras. Its previous edition VideoMic is also a good option but the Pro version has brought a lot of improvements. It offers better quality audio when recorded with digital SLR and camcorders. 

You won’t get any protective gear or casing that covers its body against extreme situations which is a bit of a setback. However, when it comes to its primary job of providing good audio, this Rode VideoMic Pro doesn’t lag behind at all. The price range is also not pretty high and it comes with a lightweight and compact design as well. If you’re simply fed up of your internal microphone and its low quality then choose this Rode VideoMic Pro for better results in a reasonable price.

This company from Australia has been making huge strides when it comes to microphones of different quality and prices. This one has been particularly manufactured for more serious content creators such as videographers and photographers that are looking to add high-quality audio to their content. There are a couple of added features in this model compared to its previous one.

Thanks to the hotshoe mount offered at the base, which can also be attached to a boom pole by a 3/8 “cord, the shotgun-style mic sit conveniently on top of the SLR.   VideoMic Pro weighs just 86 g, and is 15 cm long. Even the smallest video-enabled SLRs will not intimidate this kind of a device.


  • Perfect for digital SLRs 
  • Compact design
  • User-friendly 
  • An ideal solution for better audio with digital SLR


  • No protective gear or case
  • Hard to close its battery section 

Best 3.5mm Microphone Buyer guide:

These were some of the devices that we have preferred to choose over others in the list of Top 7 best 3.5mm microphones. They are known for their highly impressive performance and each and every one of them is capable of taking your audio performance to the next level. 

There are a few things that you need to consider before buying any kind of a device and when it comes to microphones, you must follow certain steps in order to achieve effective results. We will take a look at those factors now

Pick up pattern: 

Pickup patterns are particularly important because it largely depends on your content type. For home studio and still recordings, omnidirectional and lavalier microphones are used. 

3.5mm microphones are also used widely across the globe in both home and outdoor recordings. Therefore, it is pretty important for you to check the pickup pattern of the device before pulling the trigger because it must resonate with your content and shooting procedure. 


Portability is also pretty important and all the top-rated devices are liked by most of the customers because of their brilliant portable features. 

If you can easily take your microphone without any place, it means you have trust in its portability because some devices are so delicate that you’d have to think a hundred times before carrying them around on a project. 

Noise cancellation quality: 

What you need from a good microphone is its ability to eliminate the background and unwanted noise completely. If a microphone is good at doing that, you must consider buying it. Noise cancellation is one of the topmost priorities of customers around the world that are buying these devices on a regular basis. 

Output levels: 

Microphones that are capable of enhancing the output levels of sound are widely regarded as one of the best microphones. This is one of the most important factors for any microphone around the world and you must look for devices that are capable of enhancing output levels to at least 20 dB. 


Choosing the best suitable option in a variety of devices can be a very daunting task at times. The same is the case with 3.5mm microphones because there are hundreds of models available in different price ranges. Therefore, it is pretty important to choose a device that suits your budget because microphones are not something that is bought every day. 

You must research thoroughly before pulling the trigger because you wouldn’t want to miss any of the important features purely on the basis of your required budget. It is important because you can add a few extra bucks to your budget if you have chosen the right choice device that is overcoming your budget slightly. 


Is USB mic better than 3.5 mm?

Ans: in most cases, USB microphones are going to work better in terms of audio quality when compared to a 3.5mm microphone. However, 3.5mm microphones are also pretty good at giving you the desired results.

What are the best mics for gaming?

Ans: There a few options such as the Peteme 1080p microphone for desktop with webcam. It is the top rate rated on Amazon. Whereas options like Samson G-Track PRO are advisable as well. 

What Microphone do most YouTubers use?

Ans: CAMVATE Thread Adapter Microphone and Shure SM7B are some of the most widely used microphones by YouTubers. Rode NT USB microphone is also very highly rated by YouTubers.